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heureo consulting

Your innovation partner to pioneer new paths
Innovation & Design Thinking
Creative and intelligent solutions

Being Innovative goes beyond simply keeping up with the latest trend and It is not delivered through a collection of frameworks or workshops. Truly knowing the next new thing is our ethos. It is thus no surprise that our clients come to us to meet their desire for award winning advatage for both today and tomorrow.

User Experience Strategy & User Research
High resolution screens friendly

We design for people. It's that simple. People aren't machines, people aren't robots, people are people. Different cultures, different mental models, different capacities and capabilities. We capture insight, find patterns and turn it into outcomes our clients are after.

Civic Technology
Suits well all devices and screen sizes

Municipalities and Governments want their cities to be modern, and smart.,but becoming a leader in next generation governance is usually a policy challenge more than a technology challenge. We design and execute projects that biuld the smart infrastrucutre that will take your city forward.

New Technology Prototyping 
Elaborated code and trendy design

Call it MVPs, 25% projects, validated learning, or something else. We know 'going production' is expensive in terms of money AND time. We build and test quickly so that the right decisions cane be made before making the final commitment for a product or service. Some call it R&D... we call it the most fun way to learn.

Your innovation partner awaits your call.