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heureo labs

Cutting-edge technology. Rapid vessel development.
Research & Development
Motivations & Requirements

Clarifying the problem, the customer, and the business goals points us in the right direction.  Understanding the motivation behind the project points us to the right approach.

Innovative Concepts
Vast Knowledge for the Right Solution

Exploring the various options available, and appropritaing them to your context we can leverage patterns and precedents from other realms into forming the concept.

Design & User Experience
Combining the What with the How

Knowing how you want your users to behave is more important that what they will see.  We build informed user paths that lead users to your finish line.

Product Launch & Review
Rapid Prototyping & Analytics

And finally we build it, test it, and iterate it until the product is right, or the desired knowledge is aquired.

Our Product Platforms

These are the types of vessels we create to meet your goals.


Application Design & Engineering

iOS, Android, Windows 10, Win 10 phone, and even Blackberry apps for mobile and tablet devices. 

Audio & Podcast Production

Music, sountracks, sound effects, and even audio podcast production.

Workflow & Process Automation

Replicating business processes through automation tools to save time, energy and money.

Publishing & Layout Design for Print & Digital

iBooks, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other Ebooks platforms. Our Books are availabe in EPUB, MOBI, PDF, or even available in print form.

Messenger & Text Chatbots

Conversational UI for the top messenger platforms (SMS, Facebook Messeger, Telegram, Twilio, WeChat, Android & iOS Apps, Web, etc).

Mobile Game Design & Development

Mobile (iOS, Android, Amazon, Win10), Desktop (Mac, PC), Console (PS, XBox), and Steam. Create games for any major platform.

Presentation Design & Editing

Wow the crowd, convince your stakeholders, or impress your investors.

Motion Graphics & Video Production

Post production and editing. Create a compelling visual piece, then get it infront of your viewers.

Website Design & Development

Build awareness for your brand, sell your product, grow a community, or just make your voice heard.

Our 7Ps Approach

A peek into how we build the right vessel for you.

  • 1. People

    Who is the target audience?

  • 2. Problem

    What is the primary job they want done?

  • 3. Position

    What is their context?

  • 4. Proposition

    What is our Unique Value Proposition (UVP)?

  • 5. Product

    What should the solution look like?

  • 6.Payoff

    What is the value exchange?

  • 7. Promotion

    How do we inform the target audience?

Validate your project quickly before fully commiting resources to it